Let's Talk About Lift Chairs!

What is a power lift chair?:  Sometimes also known as an electric lift recliner or a medical lift recliner, this is a chair that lifts the user up into a standing position, sits the user back down, and reclines the user back.

Who needs a lift chair?: A lift chair can be useful to so many different people! Here are some examples:

  • Struggles to stand up or sit down on your own due to weakness
  • Bad knees or hips
  • Recent knee replacement or hip replacement surgery
  • Sleeps in a recliner or spends a significant amount of time in a recliner
  • Head needs to be elevated during sleep
  • Heart conditions that require elevated legs/feet
  • Circulation conditions (ie edema) that require elevated legs/feet

Are there different kinds of lift chairs?: Yes! At MI MED, we are an authorized provider for Golden Technologies, a leader in lift chair manufacturing. Golden offers two different types of chairs:

  • Three-position chair: The three position chair lifts you up to standing, sits you back down, and lays you down into a reclined position. When making adjustments, the headrest and footrest all move together and you are not able to create a customized position. This chair is ideal for the user that needs assistance standing and sitting, but is not spending most of their time in the chair.
  • Infinite position chair: The infinite position chair allows you to customize your seating with a headrest and footrest that can move independently. It also allows you to move into a "Trendelenberg position," where your body is fully reclined with your feet elevated above your heart. Many physicians advise patients to spend time with their feet elevated each day, and this is a comfortable solution.
  • Patented TWILIGHT feature: There are also three chairs that offer the TWILIGHT feature, patented by Golden Technologies, that allows you to elevate your feet above your heart while remaining in a cradled, seated position.

Why should you buy your lift chair from MI MED? There are many great reason to choose us as your lift chair dealer:

  • Service!: We are a family-owned business, and service is our top priority. Because of that, we offer a Lifetime Service Guarantee on all lift chairs purchased from our store. This means that for the life of your chair, we will service and repair your chair with no labor fees. This is a rare offer that typically requires purchasing a service plan. Our service technicians have been trained and certified by the manufacturer.
  • Quality: We only sell lift chairs manufactured by Golden Technologies. Lift chairs are our specialty and we only want to sell you the best. While some big box stores let you order lift chairs from their warehouses, they are often made from budget materials and they don't have technicians that can fix them if the lift mechanism malfunctions.
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty: Golden Technologies prides themselves on "building it right the first time" and therefore offers an industry-leading warranty on every chair that leaves the plant, including a lifetime warranty on the chair's frame and lift mechanism.
  • Free Delivery and Set Up: At no charge, we will deliver your chair inside your home, help you get it arranged and set up, and will even remove any old furniture.
  • Proudly made by Americans: All of our chairs are built here in the Golden warehouse here in the USA, in Old Forge, Pennsylvania!

How do I buy a lift chair from you? Come visit us in our store at 7088 Highland Road in Waterford, Michigan. We normally have about six floor models for you to try out and can go over all of the size, color and fabric options.

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We love being a lift chair provider. Our customers regularly come back and tell us how much their new lift chairs help in their daily lives and we're so happy we were able to help. We sell chairs by Golden because they give us their full support with regard to service and care for their products. If you're in the market for a lift chair, please come to see us. We'd love to take care of you!