Hands-Free Shoes Waterford MI

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Several sizes and colors are in stock at our showroom! Browse all styles here.

Do you have trouble bending over to put on your sneakers? Are you tired of the same slip-on shoes to get out of the house, or of stressing about having to put your shoes on?

Zeba's hands-free shoes slip on easily and fit comfortably for almost all users. Tie them once and never worry about it again! Zeba shoes are constructed with stainless steel in the back and side to maintain the integrity of the back of the shoe. They are designed for everyday use including walking, jogging and exercising. They are manufactured with the highest quality materials and are slip-resistant.

The insoles are also incredibly comfortable. They are removable and can fit most of your favorite insoles. We do not recommend using diabetic insoles in Zeba shoes.

Zeba’s hands-free shoes are perfect for anyone with mobility issues, problems with their knees, back, hips and joints, chronic pain, or any other condition that makes it tough to bend down.

Many sizes and styles available! You can order online or come try on a pair at our store in Waterford, MI today!Return policy: Zeba Shoes can be returned within 7 days if they are in the original condition and show no signs of wear. Between 7 and 14 days, they can be exchanged for a new size or color if they are in the original condition and show no signs of wear.