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Compression Socks, Stockings & Garments in Waterford, MI

MI MED Affordable Medical Supplies is proud to be the medical equipment provider of choice for residents of Waterford, Michigan, and communities throughout Oakland County. Unlike big box stores that stock a few generic, low-pressure compression socks and garments, our family-owned company offers a large inventory of top-quality compression garments in various pressure levels in addition to accessories.

How to Apply Compression Stockings


1. Pull stocking inside out to heel. With thumbs in and fingers out, grasp each side of heel, gently slide over foot until heel pocket is centered over heel.

2. Begin turning right-side-out. Continue gradually pulling up the leg. For pantyhose: pull past thighs and over hips; adjust for comfort.

3. Remove folds or wrinkles, gently pulling upwards smoothing over leg. Fabric should be smooth and uniform. Do not fold top or waistband over.

4. Remove by turning “inside out”, gently pulling down to ankle. Insert finger, gently pull over ankle, heel and off the foot.
  Stocking Measurement Guide
(Circumference in Inches)
Ankle 7-8.25  Calf 11-15
Ankle 8.25-9.5  Calf 11.75-16.5
Ankle 9.5-10.75  Calf 12.5-18
Ankle 10.75-12.5  Calf 13-19
Ankle 12.5-13.75  Calf 19.5-22
Ankle 13.5+  Calf 21.5-24

Indications for Compression Level

MILD / 8-15 MMHG 

Persons sitting or standing for extended periods; great for preventative care 


Travel, minor swelling, spider veins, pregnancy, minor varicose veins; first time wearers of therapeutic compression stockings.


Bed confined or post-surgical, home convalescing individuals

FIRM / 20-30 MMHG 

Moderate swelling or lymphedema, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), postsurgery, pregnancy, moderate varicose veins – prescription recommended (Seldom recommended for the diabetic patient.)





Graduated compression technology delivers a compressive action to the leg that is greatest at the ankle, decreasing gradually up the leg, towards the heart. The amount of compression is expressed as mmHg (millimeters of mercury) - a measurement of pressure.


The most beneficial effect is action on the capillaries and tissues. Compression applied in this manner will increase pressure on tissues beneath the skin, which helps to reduce leakage of fluid from the capillaries. This helps to increase the return of fluid to the capillaries and lymph vessels, in turn reducing and preventing swelling. 

 A secondary benefit is the presence of the stocking on the leg which helps control the size (diameter) of the superficial veins that lie just beneath the skin. The compressive action of the garment prevents the slowing of blood flow and blood "pooling". The blood in the veins can then flow more quickly up the leg back toward the heart.

In Stock:

20-30mmhg Below Knee Compression Stockings
Sizes S-3XL

20-30mmhg Below Knee MicroFiber Medical
Compression Socks
Sizes S-3XL

15-20mmhg Below Knee Compression Stockings
Sizes S-XL

15-20mmhg Men's Cushioned
Compression Socks
Sizes S-XL

15-20mmhg Women's Cushioned
Compression Socks
Sizes S-XL

20-30mmhg Thigh High
Compression Stockings
Sizes S-3XL

Compression Gauntlet
15-20mmhg & 20-30mmhg
Sizes S-L

Compression Arm Sleeve
15-20mmhg &
Sizes S-L

IT STAYS Body Adhesive
Gentle Rollon

Stocking Donner

Doff N' Donner

Donning Gloves


MI MED has your compression necessities covered, whether you need compression socks to keep blood circulation flowing on a long-haul flight or to help prevent swelling and issues like deep vein thrombosis. Even if you’re unsure of what type of compression garment you need, no problem—our knowledgeable professionals are ready to assist and can direct you to the best products for your unique needs.  

Compression Socks & So Much More  

MI MED Affordable Medical Choice is your first choice for compression stockings, gloves, washing solution, and more. Whatever your needs may be, we have your covered with a selection that includes everyday lifestyle aids, home health supplies, bathroom safety products, and even essential oils. Visit our Waterford medical supply store today! We offer in-store and curbside pickup as well as next-day local delivery for added convenience.

*Please note that Medicare only pays for compression socks when the patient has an open venous stasis ulcer and/or the compression gradient is 30mmhg or higher. Our team can provide you with the documentation to submit for reimbursement when using private insurances that pay for compression stockings.