Electric Scooter Repair Waterford MI

Electric Scooter Repair Services in Waterford, MI  

Electric mobility scooters have revolutionized the way people with limited mobility run errands, travel, grab a bite at their favorite restaurants, and simply enjoy life. However, like all motorized products, scoters are susceptible to breaking down and may need routine maintenance. That’s where we step in! Our knowledgeable team at MI MED Affordable Medical Supplies in Waterford, Michigan, includes certified technicians who excel in electric scooter repair and service.

Why Choose Us for Mobility Scooter Repair?  

MI MED may be a small, family-owned company, but we have big expertise. Our team provides a complete range of electric scooter repairs, many of which can be performed onsite at our Waterford retail location. Additionally:

  • If it’s broken, we can fix it—even if you didn’t purchase your scooter from us.  
  • If you did purchase your mobility scooter from us, we’ll provide lifetime repair and service with no additional labor cost.
  • Unlike many large, corporate equipment repair companies that are backed up for weeks or months at a time, our technicians emphasize efficient service to get you back on the move as quickly as possible.

We’re Here to Help  

For sensibly priced electric scooter repair services in the Waterford area, look no further than MI MED Affordable Medical Supplies. Contact us today! Our friendly professionals are here to answer any questions you may have. We’re also pleased to offer electric mobility scooter sales and rentals—give us a call or stop by our shop to learn more information.